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Homeowner Wins Gunfight Against Two Armed Robbers, One Shot, Both in Jail (TX)
OpSD --"A homeowner in Texas found himself in a gunfight with two armed burglars. The fight ended with one of the suspects shot and both suspects behind bars. The homeowner was not injured."

Liquor Store Clerk Teaches Armed Robber That Robbing Liquor Stores is a Bad Life Decision (KY)
OpSD --"According to police, when the attempted robber pointed his gun at the clerk, the clerk shot him in the chest."

Self Defense Tip: Don’t Give Chase After a Gun Fight (MN)
OpSD --"As the men were attempting to rob him, he pulled out his own handgun and exchanged gunfire with the two men. Police said the man had a permit to carry his handgun." ...

Store Owner Defends Himself Against Box Cutter Attack (TN)
OpSD --"When he said the store was closed, the man immediately pulled a box cutter and cut the owner’s neck. The store owner, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his gun and shot the attacker and would-be robber."

Newslinks for Wednesday, April 1
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Colorado enforcement dilemma shows exploitable weakness of anti-gun laws
Personal Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?
A tale of two billboard campaigns about guns
Criminal charge in Marysville case shows NICS flaw UBC can’t fix
Useful Idiot at Tampa Bay Times: “Shall Not Be Infringed” Doesn’t Mean What It Says
Pro-Gun Groups In Court Again Challenging Unconstitutional Maryland Gun Laws
Industry News
Gun Hero of the Day: Browning Firearms
ShootingTheBull410 9mm Ammo Quest: Buffalo Bore 124+P JHP (video available)
Gear/Gun Review: CZ 75 Kadet Adapter
Gun Review: Ruger Redhawk Hunter .44 Magnum
New from Trulock: Predator Coyote Shotgun Choke
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
KY: Liquor Store Clerk Teaches Armed Robber That Robbing Liquor Stores is a Bad Life Decision
MN: Self Defense Tip: Don’t Give Chase After a Gun Fight
TN: Store Owner Defends Himself Against Box Cutter Attack
TX: Homeowner Wins Gunfight Against Two Armed Robbers, One Shot, Both in Jail
News and Views from the Antis
DC 'under the gun' from NRA, congresswoman says
Going Back to Indiana: With Two Cheers for Its Gun-Toting Gals!
Media misfire? Columbia J-school, Bloomberg unite to teach gun coverage
TN: Tennessee lawmakers pander to NRA on gun bills
Politicians and Legislation
Ask Tester, Daines to oppose concealed carry overrides
Rubio trying to restore 2nd Amendment rights of Washington DC residents
IA: Iowa Senate passes bill allowing gun silencers
ID: Permitless concealed carry concept lives on Senate floor
KS: Protecting Kansans’ Second Amendment rights (SB 45) (second item)
MS: Big changes coming to Mississippi concealed carry laws, M855 protected
MT: Montana lawmakers defeat bill that would have allowed concealed weapons on college campuses
OR: Oregon Gun Control Proposal: Buying, Selling Guns A Privilege, Not A Right
TX: McRaven shoots down campus carry at conference Tuesday
The "Authorities"
ATF Raids Store Featured in “American Guns” Reality TV Show
Deconstructing a Warrantless Traffic Stop, Or What Illinois’ Finest Think of Your Fourth Amendment Rights
ShotSpotter Fails. Again. Still.
AL: Former Winston County deputy sentenced in meth extortion case
CA: Inmates at San Francisco Jail Say Deputies Forced Them to Fight "Gladiator Style"
GA: Euharlee Police Chief, Assistant Chief fired after investigation (video available)
IN: Indiana excise officer accused of touching, sexting with 15-year-old
NJ: Galloway Twp. police officer charged with aggravated assault
OH: Former Ohio LEO Guilty of Machine Gun Possession
From the States
Georgia SCLC leader says African Americans should be aware of second amendment when dealing with police (video available)
President Of Group Founded By MLK Calls On Blacks To ‘Advocate Their Second Amendment Rights’ (video available)
AZ: Second Amendment Friendly Verizon Store
CA: OC Sheriff reverts to prior policy on concealed carry weapons after Ninth Circuit says it will rehear Peruta
CT: Common-sense gun lies
IL: OMG! A Seven-Year-Old Shooting a Gun! In Illinois! OMG!

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Intruder shot by Detroit homeowner after breaking into house (MI)
OpSD --"Authorities say a 21-year-old man was shot Monday when he broke into a home on Detroit's east side."

Kidnapping thwarted by kids’ karate skills, grandpa’s .45 (KY)
OpSD --"Redmon explained that he didn’t even have the gun trained on the man, he had it at his side, but the man kept making his way towards Redmon, creeping one single step at a time, and steadily saying, 'Shoot me! Shoot me!' When the man got about six feet away, that’s when Redmon said enough and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the leg."

Robbery’s Tragic End Could Have Been Much Worse If Not For One Victim’s Concealed Firearm (PA)
OpSD --"Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker explained one of the victims, a 27-year-old, was a permitted concealed weapon carrier who attempted to stop the crime in progress by grabbing his own firearm."

Newslinks for Tuesday, March 31
Comments and Commentary
White House ‘home rule’ stance only applies to restrictions and controls
Are ‘gun-free zones’ an acceptable form of discrimination?
Katie Pavlich: ‘Safe Haven: Gun-Free Zones in America’
Guns & the Right to Defend Your Family is a Pro-Life Value
Propaganda about concealed carry on campus
Gun Rights Legal Action
Brady Center Loses Lawsuit Targeting Online Ammo Sellers
Rifle Target Company Sues NBC News And Affiliate After Being Called ‘Bomb Makers’ On Today Show (video available)
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
KY: Kidnapping thwarted by kids’ karate skills, grandpa’s .45
MI: Intruder shot by Detroit homeowner after breaking into house
PA: Robbery’s Tragic End Could Have Been Much Worse If Not For One Victim’s Concealed Firearm
Reverberations and Repercussions from SAF's Palmer v. DC Case
Federal lawmakers propose to scrap D.C. gun laws
Rep. Jim Jordan's gun legislation gets more attention with Sen. Marco Rubio on board
Dem Congresswoman: GOP’s Defense Of Gun Rights Same As ‘Bullying’
Anti-Gun White House Doesn’t Want Congress Interfering with D.C. Gun Laws
From the Enemy Camp
Texas-Based Clear Channel Donates Billboards to MA Anti-Gunner
Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser: Safe Storage is the Key to Firearms Safety
As gun-violence activists speak out, is America still listening?
The Second Amendment Right to Be Negligent
IA: Why restrict guns at the capitol?
Politicians and Legislation
Gun Rights Victory In the Senate
Sen. Moran Sponsors Budget Amendment to Protect Second Amendment Rights in Budget Resolution
AL: Teenagers with their pistols
AZ: Arizona bill for guns in public places fails again
CA: California tees up smart gun legislation in state senate
MS: Passage of 90% Constitutional Carry Appears Likely in Mississippi
OR: Wednesday hearing on Oregon UBC bill
From the States
FL: Tampa Bay Times: ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ Does Not Mean What It Says
IA: Iowa lawyer pays employees bonus to carry a gun (video story)
NJ: Respect the true meaning of Second Amendment
SC: South Carolina Gun Laws Provide Interesting Case Nationally
WV: Concealed guns bill is a threat to safety
Oath Honoring LEOs vs. Their Disreputable Colleagues
CO: Enforcement light on Colo. gun restrictions
NC: Oath Keepers rally for ‘Constitution-minded’ change
Former FBI Special Agent Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Bribery And Obstruction Scheme
MS: Former Tate County Sheriff's Deputy Indicted for Using Excessive Force Against a Pre-Trial Detainee
TX: Former sheriff's deputy indicted on bribery and official oppression charges

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Newslinks for Monday, March 30
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Obama contest discriminates against undocumented immigrants and minorities
Government supports dismissal of Ares Armor case against ATF
Schooling A Young Scholar on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Heller Foundation raising funds for machine gun lawsuit
On Flinging Poo and the Right to Self-Defense
Gunfree Geo Marker: Is Turnabout Fair Play?
Haters Of Self-Defense Face Unrelenting Defeat Everywhere
Life in New Jersey: Brian Aitken in His Own Words (video story)
FOSSCAD 3D-printed Rifle Fires Larger “Deadlier” Round (7.62mm) (video available)
Guns for Beginners: Three Tips for Open Carry
New Study: How Much Do Finger Placement & Ready Position Matter?
Ten Range Bag Must-Haves
The Five Best AR-15 Rifle Slings
News from the Campaign Trail
Is Rubio’s legislation on D.C. gun laws a sham or signal?
Republican presidential hopefuls near-unanimity on the issue of their own guns
Sticking to their guns
Terrifying the Republican establishment
Updated: No great loss to 2A advocates as Harry hits the road…except
Mature and Reasoned Discourse from the Antis
'Gun control' politician compares cops to ISIS, says he’d shoot them first
Rubio's gun legislation only adds more risk
Sandy Hook cyclists, year three, in Morristown: ‘Second Amendment does not trump right to live’
Politicians and Legislation
Dem governors in Montana, Virginia, give thumbs down to gun reform bills
White House Says Congress Shouldn't Interfere With D.C. Gun Laws
ND: Senate shoots down reasonable 'guns in schools' law
The "Authorities"
CA: Former Carencro officer pleads guilty to extortion in strip club probe
NJ: State trooper from Bergen charged with kicking driver in high-speed 3-county chase that ended in Fairview crash
TN: Some restaurants posted near NRA Nashville 2015
WA: Algona’s former interim police chief arrested in theft of youth program money
From the States
Gunsmiths can improve a shooting experience
PA: Philadelphia officer accused of DUI while on duty

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Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. Senator Barry Goldwater, 1964 (1909-1998)

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