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Newslinks for Thursday, February 26
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
FedEx Refuses To Ship Milling Tool That Makes Untraceable Metal Gun Parts
Guns and the New York Times: Why Shouldn't Americans Be Able to Defend Themselves?
Kelly Clarkson: Pro-Animal, Pro-Legalized Pot, Pro-Gun
SDA Returns As Major Sponsor for 2015 Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals
Politicians and Legislation
ID: Committee chairman: Concealed carry backers harassing family
IL: Illinois Democrat’s ‘Firearms Registration Act’ may test new paradigm
KS: Kansas Senate pushes ahead with 'constitutional' carry of concealed guns
MI: Revised plan to scrap gun boards, overhaul pistol permit process approved by Michigan House
ND: Concealed weapon carry bill fails in Legislature
NH: Gun right denied: A cautionary tale about licensing
NV: More guns, less crime – or more guns, more crime?
SC: Senate approves criminal domestic violence bill
TX: Polls irrelevant to Second Amendment
VT: Gun bill 'dead,' lawmakers narrow their focus
WA: Emily gets her gun permit 'preliminary approval'; alert on hearing in Olympia
WY: Amended bill would let Wyoming schools decide on concealed weapons
From the States
MO: Farm, gun amendment language argued before Missouri Supreme Court
NC: Sheriff Coy Reid Supports Armed Defense of Home
NJ: Unlawful weapons charges dropped against N.J. man stopped with antique pistol
TX: Open Carry Demonstration in Amarillo
WA: Federal agents 'catch and release' open carry activist in Washington
News and Views From Abroad
Czech Republic: Mass Shooting in Czech Town Leaves Eight Dead (video available)
Czech Republic: Rabbis given knives, self-defense training after attacks against Jews

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Newslinks for Wednesday, February 25
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Oregon Democrat confirms amnesty danger to gun rights
Left’s hypocrisy shows in move by I-594 backers to join lawsuit
Getting a gun legally in Europe may be hard, but terrorists have little trouble
FedEx won’t ship the box that makes homemade metal semi-automatic rifles
Gutfeld: ‘Gun-Free Is Music To The Ears Of Fiends’
NRA Donations Increase Post-Sandy Hook: Up to $96.4M in 2013
Why Is The ATF Moving To Ban Common Rifle Ammo?
Editor's Choice
Death Of An Armed Citizen And Hero: 10th Anniversary
This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: Mexico’s Extra-Judicial Killing Edition [Video NSFW]
DoJ won’t charge Zimmerman; Maybe media demonization is enough
Court Cases and News
High court weighs right of convicted felon to sell guns
Marianas: Mariana Islands has Date for Second Amendment Hearing
From the Enemy Camp
Guns don't deter sexual assaults
Scenarios made possible by on-campus guns
TX: Open carry downside (second letter)
Politicians and Legislation
ID: Citizens stick to their guns on concealed carry
ID: Loertscher asks Gun Groups to Dial it Down
KS: Kansas Would Loosen Gun Laws
KS: Senate bill moves to erase ambiguity in child protection law
MI: House Dems propose universal background check, open carry amendments to Michigan gun bills
SC: Senate rejects attempts to weaken domestic violence gun ban
WV: Local Sheriff Opposes Conceal Carry Bill in WV
WY: Gun bill isn’t about constitutional rights
From the States
CO: Gun debate illustrates lack of core values
DC: FOX 5's Emily Miller gets DC gun carry permit approved (video available)
NJ: Don't prosecute man for 300-year-old gun (third letter)
TX: Gun advocates group plans open carry rally
TX: Poll reveals Texans' thoughts on gun rights
WV: Are West Virginia gun owners’ rights being infringed on?

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Newslinks for Tuesday, February 24
Comments and Commentary
Terrorists abetted by Mall of America gun policy
Liberal ‘lies’ certainly must cover the Second Amendment debate
The Case For Disarming The Police
Make Plans to Attend the Inaugural Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference
Gun Rights Legal Action
SAF Funds Challenge To New Jersey Carry Law
FL: Florida Court Rules Open Carry Illegal
PA: NRA on Lancaster, PA Illegal Gun Control Lawsuit Moving Forward
WA: I-594 groups seek to fight suit by gun-rights backers
WA: I-594 sponsors file motion to intervene in SAF federal lawsuit
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
OK: Dying on Tulsa Time: Concealed Carry Permit Holders Shoot and Kill More Bad Guys Than Cops
News and Views from the Antis
Mike the Gun Guy: Get Rid of Guns
Audio of Bloomberg’s Racist Gun Control Comments Turn Up Live On The Web
Doctors, lawyers declare gun injuries a public health emergency
AAFP Joins Unified Effort on Gun Violence, Physician Free Speech
DID YOU KNOW "Guns Don't Kill People, People with Guns Do"?
IA: Guns fail to provide answers to assaults
OR: Where's the NRA's conscience?
TX: Misguided bill (second letter)
Politicians and Legislation
AZ: Republicans push to legalize silencers, sawed-off shotguns
ID: Idaho House leader delays bill to double concealed-carry fee
MN: Minnesota Rep Challenges Mall of America’s No-Guns-Allowed Policy
TX: Debate over Senate Bill 11 is misguided
TX: Tax Holidays Proposed for Guns and Ammo
WV: Bill would allow concealed firearms without permits
WV: Gun bill advances to Senate floor
The "Authorities"
AZ: Phoenix Police officer pleads guilty in road rage arrest
FL: 11 women accuse cop of assault, rape or harassment
NY: Retired NY police officer kills teenage daughters, then self
From the States
Bullets & Bourbon
AL: Bama Carry touts Second Amendment at Pelham kickoff
AR: ‘Controversy’ about Arkansas Constitutional Carry Over
CA: Right to self-defense can't be locked away
FL: FGCU Faculty Senate maintains stance on guns at the university
NH: Gun Owners Rally at the Statehouse (video available)
SD: Guns On Campus: The Next Debate

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