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Deputies: Homeowner shoots man in self-defense (SC)
OpSD --Investigators with the Oconee County Sheriff's Office say they have determined a shooting that happened on Tuesday was self-defense. Deputies said the shooting happened on Burrell Drive. They said according to witnesses, Bradley Payne was standing outside a home threatening the homeowner. According to deputies, the homeowner got a gun and yelled at Payne to not enter the home. They said Payne jerked open the screen door and entered the home and the homeowner shot Payne in the hip.

Home Invader With Hammer Loses To Homeowner’s Son With Gun (IN)
OpSD --Michael Samuel Stokes allegedly shattered a window in the home, alerting the homeowner, who walked into the room to encounter shattered glass. The homeowner alerted her son, who grabbed his .45 ACP pistol and went outside to confront an approaching Stokes, who had gone to his car to collect a hammer. Stokes then ran back to the car he was driving, and attempted to run over the armed son in his escape, prompting the son to fire several times in self-defense.

Man shot, killed in Universal City (TX)
OpSD --Police say two men driving through the city in two different cars had a confrontation there. They said one man shot the other in the chest, killing him. The shooter -- who has a concealed handgun license -- called 911 to report the incident. Police released the shooter after questioning him Thursday morning and no charges have been filed. They say it appears the shooter acted in self-defense.

Newslinks for Friday, August 1
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
“No. You’re Not!” A Pump-Action Response To Everytown
Bloomberg and Buffett's 'Everytown for Gun Safety' Proves Why People Need Guns
D.C. circling wagons on guns; Spokane’s Robin Ball safety efforts lauded
New Product Spotlight: “The Five Most Dangerous Guns”
Second Amendment Foundation’s Biggest Victory Yet
Third-World Justice in New Jersey: Ray Rice versus Shaneen Allen
Gun Rights Legal Action
CA: California battle over concealed-weapon rights could be headed for Supreme Court
CO: Colorado sheriffs again join suit against gun laws
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
IN: Home Invader With Hammer Loses To Homeowner’s Son With Gun
SC: Deputies: Homeowner shoots man in self-defense
TX: Man shot, killed in Universal City
Court Cases and News
MT: Ruling: Montana felons can't own firearms after serving time, probation
Project Gunwalker News and Views
Judge Orders DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents Withheld From Congress Under Obama Executive Privilege Claim
News and Views from the Antis
MO: Too many questions on No. 5
Politicians and Legislation
MA: Gun bill compromise a distinction without a difference
OK: Guns in school lots: Fear, favor over recent law change
The "Authorities"
NY: Brooklyn prosecutors identify 14 more cases handled by disgraced former NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella
From the States
AZ: Phoenix Doctor Vindicated; No Charges for Open Carry
DC: Tough under fire
NE: Gun Owners Open-Carry at Local Eatery
NJ: Second Amendment Women Shooting Club Invites Shooters to Try IDPA
PA: Mercy Fitzgerald psychiatrist to keep job after shootout with patient
WI: Help Re-Elect Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

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Prosecutors: No charges in fatal parking lot shooting at Shores Wal-Mart (FL)
OpSD --Citing the "stand your ground" law, the State Attorney's Office on Wednesday said it will not file charges against the man who shot and killed another man July 9 in a Silver Springs Shores parking lot. Authorities say Colt D. Thriemer, 20, of Weirsdale, shot and killed Thomas James "TJ" Brown, 21, of Silver Springs Shores, during an argument in the Wal-Mart parking lot off Maricamp Road.

Newslinks for Thursday, July 31
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Bloomberg & Watt’s ‘Everytown’ Accidentally Makes Pro Self Defense Commercial
'Enough': Gabby Giffords Unfortunate Book Title
False assertions about gun amendment
Gabby Giffords: Guns Are Part of a War On Women
Threat to gun rights of accepting illegal immigrants largely ignored
Gun Rights Legal Action
CO: Sheriffs again join suit vs. gun laws
DC: Court ruling keeps DC handgun free for 90 more days
DC: Federal court overturns D.C. open carry ban
DC: Judge grants 90-day stay on gun carry ban following ruling
Gun rights advocates are winning in the debate over gun control
Armed Self-Defense *Works*
FL: Prosecutors: No charges in fatal parking lot shooting at Shores Wal-Mart
Self-Defense News and Views
MN: Violent night comes to fatal end for suspect who broke into house, assaulted elderly woman
News and Views from the Antis
AZ: Second Amendment right to be a boob
DC: Security, not street crime, at risk after gun ruling, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says
FL: Pediatricians Have the Right to Ask About Guns
Gun Organization Candidate Questionnaires: Be Sure To Answer RIGHT!
MA: Baker sidesteps taking position on gun control provision
NY: Our Blind Spot About Guns
The "Authorities"
PA: Six Philadelphia police officers charged in corruption case
VA: VA Home Owner Fires Warning Shot At Unannounced Police – Wins Case
From the States
DC: “First-Responders Report” seeks D.C. awareness
FL: Marissa Alexander denied new Stand Your Ground hearing
IL: Concealed carry shooting reignites debate
MO: Chris Koster backs August ‘right to bear arms’ amendment
TX: Using deadly force to protect your home in Texas is a right, but will it keep you out of prison?

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Police: Robber, victim shoot each other near NuLu (KY)
OpSD --"A daylight armed robbery attempt near the popular NuLu neighborhood Monday morning left both the victim — who was himself armed — and alleged robber injured, police said."

Newslinks for Wednesday, July 30
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Everytown ‘gun violence against women' video makes great case for armed defense
Does press ignore police on guns unless they support restrictions?
Deputies, Police Reserves and the Militia
New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Inadvertently Proves Why Women Need Guns
Let's be reasonable on gun-carry laws
Concealed carry basics: Getting started
Industry News
Gear Review: ShootingSight TAVOR Trigger Unit (video available)
Gun Review: SPHINX SDP Compact VS. CZ P-07
Miles of Aisles: TTAG Tours Smith & Wesson
Shooting Illustrated on Their Remington R51 Review: Oops
Self-Defense News and Views
KY: Police: Robber, victim shoot each other near NuLu (video available)
It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: Everytown for Gun Safety Illustrates the Need for Armed Self Defense Edition
Court Cases and News
CO: Sheriffs again join suit vs. gun laws
RI: Federal lawsuit challenges Bristol police chief’s denial of weapon permit
Reverberations and Repercussions from SAF's Palmer v. DC Case
Alan Gura on a Palmer v. D.C. Stay
D.C. carry laws for guns must be quickly enacted in wake of court decision
Judge issues 90-day stay in D.C. gun rights ruling
Lanier rescinds prior order, calls D.C. gun laws back in effect after court stay
Lawmaker’s signs promote ‘Gun Free DC’ in wake of court ruling
News and Views from the Antis
Boxing Champ: My Gun Didn't Protect Me
Pediatricians Have the Right to Ask About Guns
The Anti-Gun Crowd's Knack for Shooting Itself in the Foot
Politicians and Legislation
False assertions about gun amendment
Senate Democrats to Hold More Hearings on Gun Control
MA: “Discretionary” firearms licensing a risky move
MO: Amending the constitution
MO: Chris Koster backs August ‘right to bear arms’ amendment
The "Authorities"
CA: Former Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy sentenced for resisting police after bar fight
GA: DeKalb cop resigns after shooting homeowner’s German Shepherd
IN: Clark County sheriff appears in federal court after FBI investigation (video available)
PA: Constable Shoots and Paralyzes Man While Serving Warrant Over Unpaid Parking Tickets
TX: San Antonio police mistake photographer for fleeing drug suspect, beat him silly
From the States
ID: KOA Campgrounds Irate over man carrying a gun… On his own property.
WA: Jewish group calls for resignation of gun lobbyist

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That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of The United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms... Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at 86-87 (Pierce & Hale, eds., Boston, 1850).

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